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RGB to VGA Converter (#827)

Added: 26-Aug-14
Running Time: 3:11
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This video explains how the RGB to VGA converter can allow for old defunct CRT monitors to be replaced with a TV or other new model screens.
The converter http://www.converters.tv/products/cga_to_vga/827.html offers an alternative solution to costly monitor repairs or replacement, allowing for almost any screen with a VGA input to be used with your machinery.
The RGB, MDA, CGA, EGA to VGA Converter is a new multi-frequency scan converter, up-scaling to PC VGA and SVGA resolutions. The converter will auto-scan and accept horizontal scan frequencies from 12kHz ~ 40kHz with the vertical scan frequency unconstrained. The output horizontal resolution is unconstrained and the output vertical resolution is from 200 ~ 600 lines. The device supports synchronization types of Separate, Combined (Composite) and Sync on Green, as well as full support for Monochrome, Greyscale and Colour analog and digital video formats.