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Added: 28-Jun-16
Running Time: 1:57
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Release Date: 22-Jun-16
Release Date(s): 22-Jun-16
Ocean Monster Plus is an enhanced version of the popular Ocean King 2: Ocean Monster game; the fun arcade fish hunting game from IGS! this video redemption game will have players grinning in excitement as they try and catch sea creatures such as the Ancient Crocodile - which shown in this video!

Highway was the first to introduce the english version Ocean King game into USA and many other markets. To purchase the latest Ocean King series game OCEAN MONSTER PLUS, please contact us below;

Highway Games Pty Ltd (Head Office)
Phone +61 249 689 313

Highway is the leader in fish game development in Europe and USA. With 27+ years experience in arcade and gaming and 3 offices (China, Hong Kong and Australia) we offer you a money back guarantee if you purchase equipment and not satisfied with the income.