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Afterburner Climax DX - Arcade Gameplay Full Playthrough 1

Added: 30-Apr-14
Running Time: 14:01
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Release Date: 16-Apr-14
Release Date(s): 16-Apr-14
Afterburner Climax DX is a jet fighter simulator game, where player's belt in and take the role of a fighter pilot trying to save the world from nuclear threat. The DX model machine features a seat that moves left and right with the players controls, that makes the player truly feel as if they are in the cockpit or a jet fighter! This video, filmed at Highway Entertainment, captures gameplay straight from the Afterburner Climax DX gameboard.
This full playthrough features the selectable paths 'Lure of the Sky', 'Forgotten Glory' / 'Sea of Clouds' and the final stage 'Nuclear Arsenal'.